Types Of Probate Attorneys

After the death of a loved one, the task of matters involving the estates of the person is a hard one. When it comes to these issues, a probate lawyer is hired to take care of it.

In hiring the lawyers, there are two types transactional attorneys and litigators. Roles of administration and lawsuits are divided amongst the attorneys in that the transactional attorneys take care of the administration while the probate litigators handle the lawsuits.

Transactional probate attorneys have a purpose in starting off the probate process for the clients in the event that someone dear to them has passed on.

A litigator comes in handy when one wishes to challenge the will, wants to change the executor or the lawyer who is currently handling the probate.

The overall duties of a probate lawyer are; assets are secured both probate and non probate, they help in obtaining both value and conduct appraisals for all of the assets, documentation of all matters concerning the probate, they collect and secure life insurance proceeds if there were any, they have a hand in advising and execution of final payments of bills, a checking account is handled by them for taxes involving the estate and inheritance, they give advice on pension accounts among other accounts, they act as a means of dispute resolution if it occurs among the representatives involving the estate, appears and handles court proceedings, handles the transfer of deeds of the properties to the beneficiaries in the event that they are not sold, advise on the sale of the property and finally distribution of the remaining estates.

It is important to keep in mind that the lawyer may either handle both aspects of being a transactional and litigation probate lawyer or specializes in a certain field.
One has to choose a lawyer that knows the probate work and also the laws that might affect it as well.

Tips and areas to consider when looking for the right attorney are; the expertise of the attorney, the recommendations and references, reviews, looking at the country or state’s bar association, experience, the retainer agreement, meeting up with the lawyer, customer service and intuition.

Online search results yield the reviews and quality of service, recommendations, experience and references on the attorneys. When all the information you get after conducting the online search is of a positive nature, then the decision making process becomes easier. State or bar association website can also be looked into to find out the relative information concerning the qualified probate lawyers and the best ones that you can hire.

One can gauge the way the attorney will pay attention to the client’s case and clarification on some questions through the meeting.

Personal instinct should be the last consideration to make for the best lawyer who you will be comfortable hiring.

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