Learn More About the Cremation Packages Offered by Lone Star Cremation

In this modern day and age, a lot of people prefers to have a cremation service rather than the typical or traditional burial and interment. The ashes or the remains of the process of cremation may be sprinkled and scattered in the sea or the departed’s preferred location, kept by their family members or relatives through the use of urns or cremation jewelry, interred on a memorial ground or site, buried on a cemetery, or stored in a special columbarium or memorial building. Some of the common reasons of the people in choosing cremation rather than burial are because they want a simple funeral process, for simple portability and the ashes can be brought by the loved ones wherever they may go, it costs lesser than ground burial, it is eco-friendly for it saves up space, and a chance to be near to their loved ones after their death.

There are definitely a lot of cremation service providers in every parts of the world, but one of the best company is the one located in the state of Texas, and that is the Lone Star Cremation. The Lone Star Cremation is providing their clients and their future clients with three cremation packages, namely the basic package which they recognized as the most simple package that they are offering and it costs a bit lower than the other two package, and the inclusions for this package are plastic temporary urn, social security notification, a certified death certificate, all required authorizations and permit, and transportation is refrigeration with professional cremation; the priority package, which the company recognized as the most popular package that they are offering, and the inclusions for this package are phone support that is open the whole day and night, case status updates through emails and texts, six pieces of certified death certificate, free shipping of ashes, submitting obit to one newspaper publishing company, selection of five upgraded print urns, and the features that is included in the basic package; and that last cremation package that they have is the premium package, which they recognized as the most complete package and the inclusions are submitting obituary to multiple newspaper publishing companies, merchandise coupon, free photo ID and fingerprint, free or no charged fee for witnesses or ID viewing, no charge for oversized cadavers, concierge services, twelve pieces certified death certificates, and all the features that is included in the priority cremation package. The said provider has already proven their credibility, professionalism and ability in providing their cremation package services, which is why they are highly recommended in the whole state of Texas.

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