Reasons to Use Lithium Marine Batteries

If you are choosing a battery for your boat or any marine use, then lithium batteries are the best. And this is so for many reasons. Lithium batteries, compared to other batteries, are strong, small, light, safe, fast, easy, green, and has more power. This is the reason why lithium batteries are ideal for your marine use.

It is less expensive to buy a lithium battery than a lead acid battery or an AGM.

Before, it was lead-acid batteries that were the best and only option. Because of toxic off-gassing, storage issues, maintenance issues, lack of efficiency and safety risks, the lead-acid batteries have become unsuitable for use.

Lithium batteries have longer usable amp hours than any other battery. Lithium batteries last twice longer than other batteries. If you use other batteries, you will have to buy more batteries for the same usage as a single lithium battery. Lithiumis also more lightweight and takes less space.

If you use lithium batteries, then you will have these benefits.

Lithium batteries are very lightweight compared to other batteries. It also takes up less space per usable amp hour. In a small space, you get more battery.

Lithium batteries can be discharged down to 10% or lower. Some batteries do not allow you to go lower the 50% depth of discharge. Their overall battery life is affected if there is a high level of discharge. With lithium batteries that effect is slight for high levels of discharge.

You have almost perfect efficiency with lithium batteries. This means that they allow the same amount of amp hours both in and out. Other batteries are not as efficient because they lose 15 amps when they are charging and when discharging the voltage drops quickly and reduces the overall capacity of your battery. If you have an air conditioner or water heater in your boat, then lithium batteries are ideal.

Lithium batteries have very little internal resistance. Charging is quick because it of this lack of internal resistance. Internal resistance make charging other batteries take a long time.

When in use, lithium batteries maintain their voltage. If you have electrical devices, then this is better and more efficient. They don’t lose capacity with heavier loads. Capacity for heavy loads is important especially if you are using AC, electric cooking devices, water heaters, etc.

Maintenance is not needed by lithium batteries. And they are very safe. Its built-in circuitry keeps the battery pack safe and under control. This is the work of its battery monitoring system. This battery monitoring system will make sure that the batteries are installed and configured correctly and most reputable lithium battery companies ensure this.

Getting Creative With Batteries Advice

Getting Creative With Batteries Advice