Main Differences between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments

People tend to find it difficult differentiating between Brazilian blowout from Keratin treatments. It is not only clients who find it challenging noting the difference between the two treatments, but event stylists are also confused. The problem in observing the differences makes it even tricky choosing the right hairstyle that will meet your needs. Due to the difficulty in choosing the right treatment, you need to get the right information before you decide on the style to choose. One of the places where you can get the best advice on the style to choose is at a salon with good records of offering quality services and must have experienced stylists. If you are also a victim of differentiating the two treatments, you need to read this article till the end. Before we discuss the differences, it is good to go through what the procedures have in common.

Though the hair treatments have numerous differences, one of the common factors in them is that both of them are not permanent. Besides, procedures create protein layer around the hair shaft which smooths the cuticle and makes the hair look more beautiful.

With the two hairstyles you can be assured that your hair is protected from moisture, since the treatments can create reflective shine and improve hair manageability. The fact that both treatments are vital in improving hair manageability makes them ideal for cutting down the time and money one would have spent for everyday styling.

Besides, with the treatments, you will have to wash your hair less frequently to prevent washing out the treatments from hair.

One of the differences between the two treatments involves procedure used in completing everyday treatment. One of the outstanding differences between Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment is that the former takes around one or two hours to be complete where are keratin treatment takes around three hours. In both treatments, you will have to begin by started by shampooing the hair with a clarifying shampoo and toweling it dry. However, for keratin treatment, the hair needs to be blown dry until there is no moisture remaining, whereas a Brazilian blowout needs some moisture to stay in the hair. After the application of shampoo, if you want to continue with keratin treatment, a cap will then be placed on the head and the product is allowed to soak into the hair for thirty minutes and then blown dry. On the other hand, for Brazilian treatment, the hair is blown dry immediately after the product is applied.

Brazilian treatment will have better results on specific hair type, the same case applies to keratin treatment. If you want to try keratin treatment, you need to have overly curly hair since the treatment will work best with such hair. On the other hand, if your hair is not much in volume, you should try Brazilian blowout.

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