Reason to Consider Invisalign as a Treatment Option for Crowded Teeth

There is more one can gain from Invisalign treatment than just attaining the perfect smile. The clear, removable aligners help in the repositioning of crowded or misaligned teeth. Not only will they improve the position and appearance of your teeth but also reduce the danger of tooth decay and gum disease. On top of aligning crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, Invisalign also remedies abnormal bites. When biting complications are not treated, they can lead to advanced oral health issues including loss of teeth, cavities, gum infections, widespread teeth wear and other concerns. This front-line orthodontic treatment comes with a broad assortment of avails to a patient. Consider reading the article because we are outlining several great advances you can attain from Invisalign.

This innovative alternative to the outdated braces has never been this popular. They shift one’s teeth to a more desirable position slowly and gently, with no use of the traditional braces made of metal wires and brackets which are not comfortable or gentle. The aligners are made from medical-grade polyurethane resins that are practically undistinguishable. Since they are removable, it is easy brushing and flossing your teeth like normal, therefore have no complications in maintaining your oral hygiene. The traditional braces trap pieces of food between the wires an brackets and because most are not removable, you at more risk of getting tooth decay and gum diseases if oral hygiene is handled wrongly.

On top of that, the Invisalign aligners increase the self-esteem of an individual. Reports suggest that a crooked smile and severely damage the confidence of young people and they can benefit greatly from Invisalign because offer increased self-esteem. Tooth misalignment is unfavorable for a lot of teenagers who often induces feelings of embarrassment. Invisalign aligners ensure that their teeth gain the perfect alignment which makes them more outgoing and assertive. Moreover, the invisible trays from the Invisalign ensure that they don’t take away from your smile as they are clear.

Also, you worry no more about teeth and gum damage when using Invisalign braces unlike the conventional braces. Traditional metal braces have wires and brackets which can rupture and cause abrasions to the gums. That should be a concern when you opting for Invisalign braces because they are smooth and comfortable. They offer a safe option that will not apply a lot of force in straightening of teeth.

Invisalign clear braces need a much shorter duration to straighten your teeth. Metal braces will a longer treatment duration that may take five years. The good thing with the Invisalign braces is that they only need a year to produce results, but at times it may take a year and a half which is relatively shorter when compared to the metal braces.

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