Things To Know About Water Boreholes

Water is critical for everyday lives as it is used for drinking, taking baths, cooking, laundry and general washing among many other uses. The first priority in every home has to be water. Of the many sources of water, boreholes are among the cheapest means of getting clean water. The following are basic facts about boreholes.

A water borehole is an intense and narrow vertical or horizontal shaft which is drilled right into the ground. Below the surface of the earth, there are underground water and the intention of boreholes is to tap into these aquifers and have them available for use on the surface. Boreholes have to be lined with a suitable casing or screen. The filter to the borehole, you will need an annulus around the screen and gravel or rounded inert silica sand.

Installing of a seal for closing the drill holes in the shafts is also necessary as this will help in preventing polluted surface water from flowing right into the borehole. There should also be a sealed chamber to house the well-head and a surface valve as well as a steel pump probably made from stainless steel which is submerged into the water borehole. The following factors should be put into consideration when planning to have drill a water borehole.

There is no guarantee that the first drill will be successful. Once you embark on installing a borehole, prepare to pay for dry holes as you search for a closer water table. You might be lucky to get water on the first drill in which case the cost will be lower. When the borehole is installed professionally with quality materials, it can last for about two decades without a problem.

You should also note that drilling can be quite noisy and can annoy your neighbors and that is why it is a good idea to ask them for patience before you start the process. The borehole drilling machines are heavy and large and might cause some damage to some sections of the property even when the drilling contractor has promised to be extra careful. To minimize the extent of possible damage by the drilling machinery, remove valuable belongings from the area where you intend to carry out the water borehole drilling.

You should take your time to find a reputable and experienced borehole drilling contractor as this will increase the likelihood of successfully owning a long-lasting and reliable water hole. The contractor that you engage to help you drill and install the borehole should be reliable and offer their services at rates you can afford.

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