How To Make A Ricotta Lemon Cheesecake Without An Oven

A ricotta lemon cheesecake is enjoyable when one eats it for dessert with guests or even if there are no guests. Those who do not have ovens can still be able to make a dessert such as a ricotta lemon cheesecake using a pressure cooker. One will need a cheesecake pan for making this cake so that the cake will cook well. The cheesecake pan should be placed on the steamer rack which can be used to elevate the cheesecake out of the water. When one is using a steamer rack, one will need to cover the cheesecake pan that one has placed in the rack, and this can be done using silicone lids or foil. To get enough lemon zest out of a lemon, one will need to get a lemon zester.

8 oz cream cheese, zest of 1 lemon, lemon juice from one lemon, 2 eggs, ? cup Truvia, ? cup Ricotta cheese, and teaspoon lemon extract is what is needed to make a ricotta lemon cheesecake. To get a good topping for this cake, one should have two tablespoons of sour cream and one teaspoon of Truvia. One needs to mix all the ingredients except the eggs until one has a smooth mixture.
One should check the sweetness of the cake to see whether it is good before one proceeds with the next step. After this, one can add the two eggs and lower the speed of mixing when one is using a stand mixer. After the addition of the eggs, one should not over beat the mixture because this can lead to a cracked crust. The final mixture can be poured into the cheesecake pan, and this should be covered with a silicone lid or foil.

One will need to place two cups of water in a pressure cooker and also place the steamer rack which will hold the cheese cake pan. One should cook on high pressure for 30 minutes. As it cooks, it will release pressure on its own, and one should not interfere with this. The next step is to prepare the topping which is done by mixing sour cream and Truvia. The topping is usually spread when the cake is still warm since this is the best time to spread the topping. The next step is the refrigeration of the ricotta lemon cheesecake which should take 6 to 8 hours.

One should have a creamy and thick cheesecake, and this tastes good in hot seasons such as summer. One can serve up to six people with this ricotta lemon cheesecake. Instead of having the cheesecake alone, one can choose to have it with a drink that they prefer. This is a low carb cheesecake for people who are concerned about the number of calories that they take in their food.

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