Discrimination on Employment : The Most Common Discrimination Cases

Discrimination occurs to be very rampant this days, especially of today’s generation. A parent, a friend, a child, a student, an employee or whoever may experience discrimination. Discrimination may sometimes appear to be hard to measure, because the person involve can always find it’s way to stand on his/her decision.

Discrimination has significantly affect the economy we are in now. Unemployment cases has increase for the past years. Job seekers are favorably active in searching for companies on hire. Competition between job seekers is very obvious, and because of this, companies have the challenge in choosing the right employee fit for the job. Majority of the companies criteria their are base on their length of experience and education. Employment discrimination appears to be common in some employers despite knowing the fact that it is illegal. Many doesn’t have the enough awareness of the employment discrimination. Job seekers, especially those individual applying for the first time are the common victims of this illegal act.

The following are the common employment discrimination employees or applicants experience. Most people experience employment discrimination and one of which is age discrimination in the employment world. Although qualified for the job, some companies have ignored applicants because of their age, it is either you are too young to lack experience or too old to fit for the job. According to some companies, hiring an applicant that appears to have a different sexual preference would affect the dignity of their companies. Reports of racial discrimination shows significant trend in pre employment process. Some companies prefer to accept applicants with same race or nationality. Another factor on the list is religion, for some religion they have a different way of choosing clothes and this is one of their religious tradition, which sometimes affect the companies dress code. An applicant with disability affects it’s employment application.

An Act under Title Vll of the Civil Rights in 1964, imposed that employment discrimination is illegal. Giving chance and being fair regardless of any issues from religion, disability, race, age, and sex was imposed by the Civil Rights Act in 1964. But, there are also areas that have actual occupation requirements that may sometimes not allow persons with disability to do the job and may cause harm, and discrimination can be permitted.

A person or an applicant that experience any kind of employment discrimination can actually file a case against the employer. Unfortunately, it is no doubt that this employment discrimination still is present to some companies even though their are legal actions about it. Seeking legal advice from you attorney will help you learn more about employment discrimination and what action you will take on it. There are a lot of cases that can be found in the different website, so search and learn more from it, for you to be guided.