How to Stage a Successful Intervention

A family is an institution that should be held in high regards especially when it comes to the support system. This should be applied especially when you have a loved one who is a drug addict and is unwilling to change. The most important thing is to learn that there is a reason that led them to that direction and that is why you should persuade them as you give them the support they need to change. The following are some steps to take for a successful intervention.

If you have tried talking to loved one by yourself without success, then you need to take another step of engaging a group of people mostly family members. You may want to engage a group that is relevant to your situation because what you need is people that can be trusted by the person you want to help and that is why you need to choose a group of people will be trusted by your loved one. You must also be very intentional with a number of people you want in the meeting and they should not exceed 10 people to avoid a lot of confusion. However, they can be less than 10 people but the most important thing is that their advice is effective when you loved one.

Another important step to take is to know what to say in advance. It is important to avoid any manner of confusion during the meeting and that is why you should have relevant info in advance. When you are prepared on what you want to say, you have a lot of confidence when advising this person but also you share relevant info. Planning in advance on what you want to say, for instance, will make them meeting smooth because the person will listen to you when you have relevant info to pass on such as urging them to go to a rehab center to get help.

When you are planning for the meeting between your loved one in the rest of the team, it is important to do it when they are free from other commitments and you should learn which time it is. This, therefore, means you choose an appropriate time and place where the meeting can be without inconveniencing anyone. Additionally, it is important to avoid confrontations during the meeting because you make the loved one feel attacked which is not the goal of the meeting. You have to be very strategic in your wording therefore and one of the most important things to do is show them, love, because they are likely to hear you out. It is important to avoid wasting a lot of time by diverting from the goal of the meeting because it will be irrelevant and communicating will be hard.