Steps for Passing a Hair Drug Test

There are many business agencies which have strict rules that are meant to prevent the people working for them from taking specific drug substances which have the ability to alter their level of focus and thus productivity when they carry out their roles at work. The common drugs that organizations warn their employees from using include marijuana which is known to stimulate a persons mind and make them ineffective, as well as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin which make a person lose touch with reality.

With the likelihood of employees using the listed drugs and others that have not been listed, such organizations have come up with different methods of carrying out drug tests to ensure that everyone is not using them secretly before coming to work.

In the modern world, employers have decided to deviate from the traditional urine drug tests and them are now using hair to test for drugs that might have been consumed by employees since hair tends to hold traces of such drugs for a longer period.

Drug tests carried out on hair are usually successful because the hair requires a constant supply of blood to grow and when contaminated blood comes to the hair follicles, the chemicals that make up the banned drugs are held and can be tested in future. There exist moments in life where you get the urge to consume some drugs for purposes of getting your mind off of the stressful events in life while you also do not want to risk getting exposed by a hair drug test. Using drugs such as cannabis for recreation should not worry you anymore because there are methods you can use when you do not want the substances to be discovered in your hair during a drug test.

The macujo process is the famous method used to eliminate traces of drug substances from your hair because it creates a condition where your hair cuticles become permeable and consequently the chemicals of the drug are eliminated from the cortex of the hair. There things you should do when carrying out this procedure of cleaning your hair to eliminate drug substances.

First, you should give yourself some days before the process where you stop using the drugs completely. On the onset of the process, make sure to wet your hair after which you can begin by putting some Heinz vinegar on the hair which you can massage well onto the hair while adding pink clean and clear so that both the chemicals can be massaged into the hair. Make sure that you relax and let the mixture stay in your hair for up to thirty minutes before you rinse it with Nexxus aloe rid shampoo to finish the procedure.

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